Thursday, February 11, 2010

Panda Fun with Paper Bamboo

Kids love to make believe, and they love to make stuff, or at least feel like they are. So this was an easy project that just came together on the fly. We watched a 20 minute video about pandas, because I was thinking about Chinese new year coming up.

I drew the outlines of leaves on green construction paper for Nathan to cut out. He's not great at cutting, but he loves to practice cutting. I actually cut out most of the leaves myself, but he was so excited to be doing a project that he didn't either notice or mind. I then just cut out strips of brown construction paper and rolled it into tubes. We used tape to put together bamboo for our panda friends to eat.

He spent 20 minutes feeding bamboo to the pandas, then went upstairs to get his other stuffed animals to try some bamboo too. Then, of course, they all had to go poop (which seems to be at the forefront of his four year old mind lately.) I also managed to find two panda themed story books, a coloring book with a panda page, and a panda puzzle to work on as the day goes by. Two facts have been committed to memory: that pandas eat bamboo and live in China. Fun morning! I think I might do a little pre-planning and maybe do a different animal or theme with him once a week.


  1. Sooo CUTE... I especially enjoyed the moment when he thought the pandas had to poop!

    and love your flower rainboots! :)

  2. hooray for pandas!!!!! what a great idea to pull all of that together...go mom!