Monday, February 1, 2010

A trip to the Ohio Historical Society, (and unexpected inspiration)

We wanted to do a fun family day. The boys asked for dinosaur bones, so we went to the Ohio Historical Center. No dino bones, but mastedon bones were just fine with them.

More bones.

And old firetrucks.

And old cars.

And an old trolley. Everything a growing boy needs.

I am always struck by the attention to detail, even in functional things, that craftspeople used to put into their work. (And still do if you know where to find them.)

Plenty of goodies that captured my attention too.

These quilts were part of an African American heritage exhibit. I love the bright colors.

This mineral exhibit has been there since I was a kid.

This time I saw it with new eyes.

All the colors you can imagine can be found in nature.

I love the homely goodness of these old things.

Things that were built to last.

I can imagine the good and bad of living in a small cabin.

Finally, my favorite little discovery of the day was this sweet little collage. I think I have totally found my valentines day inspiration!

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  1. Shannon,
    Your boys are so darned cute!!! I love their big smiles.
    Thanks for the update on the no-buying. I think you have some valuable lessons and I am glad you wrote about them. It encourages me, as well. I like the wait 24hrs. and to PLAN AHEAD!! I am trying to re-do my mantle and armoire without buying anything. Well. except when I went to goodwill and found a fabulous silver candlestick. But goodwill is a good thing, right?!
    p.s. good luck on your peas!!