Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making the best of it on St. Patrick's Day

I have to start this off by saying that it is easy for people who blog to make like life is beautiful and rosy all the time, so I will start by saying that this hasn't been the best day, and I've spent most of it in more or less a state of pissed-off-ness.

See, St. Patrick's day used to be one of my favorite days of the year. The wearin' of the green and the going to the local Irish pub to catch some good live music and dark beer with a girlfriend was the order of the day before marriage. Now that's amended to making a dish that involves cabbage and potatoes, washed down by the dark beer, and maybe baking some soda bread and listening to the Cheiftans all day. But today I just felt likepunching leprechauns. I felt frustrated because everyone's been sick and grouchy, and when you're the mom, you're the last to recover from the family "ick." Then the husband realized he'd promised his mom he would help her with a power point presentation, so no big dinner. I forgot the Bailey's and Irish stout (one or the other; I got neither.) And a step on the scales this morning let me know that neither beer nor soda bread would be a great thing right now.

I was so down, I didn't even feel like forcing my kids to watch Riverdance. And nobody felt like doing any crafts or anything.

I was feeling hassled by everything, including toys all over the place. (Though don't you think it's interesting that my 4 year old must have everything symmetrical and color coordinated while building with blocks? Yeah, me too.) I was also irritated at feeling like I can never get projects done anymore.

After getting involved in several chores I didn't want to do, and a toy searching mission before my first cup of coffee (grrr) I grabbed my baskets of pretties and my suitcase of fabric and my determination to have some "me time" and settled in to work on a project I've wanted to do forever, but let St. Paddy's day be my inspiration.

I had good company; and he didn't seem to actually mind in the slightest.

And Ta-Da! Okay it's not entirely finished, but I wanted to get the photo up today. This is an apron I made of completely recycled materials: a vintage pillow case, a lacy hanky for the pocket, and vintage rick-rack, all from the thrift stores, and a couple of scraps from an old quilting project. That and I even dusted off the embroidery hoop. I think it's coming along just fine. I also laid out the items for another apron I am making out of an old canvas bag and some scraps. None of this is my idea; just pulling inspiration from the internet and magazines.

Anyway, it's great what a little infusion of creativity, and a sunny walk to school to pick up the elder boy, will do for one's mood.

I might even tell husband not to come home without some Irish beer.



  1. *hugs* I'm sorry things were crappy for you. i love the apron tho

  2. Yeah, I'm sorry it was a disappointing day, too. But you sure get the lemons-into-lemonade award! You are an excellent example of someone who understands that we are each responsible for our own happiness. You inspire me!

  3. Shannon,
    St. Patrick's Day is bad enough when you're not the least bit irish and all the other non-irish people around you are pretending to be. Well. I thought I'd tell a couple of wanna-be leprauchans to shut up yesterday. Misery loves company!!

    But, your aprons are DARLING!!!!!!! Will you be making more? (yeah, right after everyone is healthy!!) LOVE them!!

    Way to go to turn your day around!