Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Penny wise and Pound foolish---my March recap

(Banana bread given to us by husband's coworker. A lovely gesture to help me get back into a simple living frame of mind.)

My attempt to stop buying newly manufactured goods this year is not only going bust, but I seem to be buying more stuff than ever! I'm buying new and used stuff; needs, wants and whims. So far (hey, the month isn't over just yet) here's a recap:

-A tree, not a simple sapling, but a large, expensive maple tree.
-New DVR to go with the digital cable that we don't need either.
-A toy garbage truck for Nathan (husband's idea as a reward for completion of potty training.)
-Used German encyclopedia for the kids.
-New German language learning kit for the kids.
-New thermometer for the kids, because the new digital thermometers don't seem to work very long; I know mercury is bad, but at least it worked!
-Pool toys for the kids' Easter baskets.
-Shinguards and track pants for Nathan's soccer.
-Makeup for me (that broke my face out.)
-Khaki's for Zack (couldn't find his size used.)
-Gift and bag for a friend of Zack's.
-New dress shoes for Zack
-Canvases and paint.
-Mulch, composted manure and potting soil.

As I go through this I realize there is a lot more to taking on a commitment like this than I ever imagined. First of all, I must be a better planner if I am to succeed at this. I can't wait for the boys to outgrow their clothes, then try to run out and find something last minute. Second, I must do more things for myself. Third, I must scale down the expectations of birthdays and holidays across the board in this family. Fourth, I really want to bring myself out of the creative doldrum I've been in all winter and start to make better alternatives, such as homemade Easter baskets instead of impulse buys. Lastly, I must stay out of Target. Seriously.

Now, the good side is I've spent under $400 on our groceries this month, which is really good. And yet, we ate out more than I care to say. I think I need a seriously fresh look at the way I'm doing things because this week I spent an hour gleaning $25 worth of good grocery coupons, but continue to spent big bucks on a lot of other stuff I don't need.

I'll never say it's a lost cause, though, and April is a brand new month to get back on my horse.


  1. While I am not trying to stop buying newly manufactured goods, I can so relate to you on the spending front. I usually try to craft for the kids for Easter, but today I went out and bought everything, with no plans to craft for them. I am planning to craft gifts for a friend who is pregnant and I have been doing great at using what I have in the house for crafting, but we have also been going out to eat too much, spending too much on groceries and everything else. It seems to be one of my biggest battles.


  2. I am trying to stay out of Target as well.... But my hairdryer broke this morning! Nuts! I hate it when I have to spend $$ on something "not fun"! So....I guess I "HAVE TO" go to Target now. :-)