Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The snow is starting to get to me

We've broken our snowfall total for the month of February, set in 1910, with 30.1 inches. And it's been a freezer, so we've had snow on the ground for over a month. This is not usual for central Ohio at all, and I'm starting to look for new and creative ways to spend my time.

Unfortunately, due to a phenomenon called ice damming, we had a little water in the house, in the office, where I keep my craft stuff.

Fortunately I had only a couple of things get wet, but it forced me to pack everything up and get it away from that side of the room just in case. I haven't had the energy to dig it all out yet. Plus we won't have someone look at the roof till we're all melted, so for now it is craft/scrapbook limbo up there.

Kudos to my husband, who constructed this ingenious rig for getting the water contained with minimal splashing.

The men kept busy after the last big snow.

It's fun to work and play a little too.

The next in a long line of engineers.

In other news I found several ways to break my vow of not buying newly manufactured goods. Basically two innocent trips to to Target and once to Michaels for "essentials" netted:

Plastic cups that are dishwasher safe because we were tired of looking at the beat up set of Red Robin kids cups.

A DVD that Ken wanted of the most recent Star Trek movie. Watched it once.

A copy of Eclipse, because the snow closed the library, so it would have been a 3 day wait to get a copy, and hey we were "snowed in" right?

A heating pad for my pinchy shoulder thing. Used once.

A transformer and a coloring book for a party gift. By the end of the kid's party I noticed that the birthday boy had ripped open every toy, and they were forgotten in a heap in the corner.

A globe for the boys, because I wanted to show the boys the different countries while we watched the Olympics. I think this was a good purchase because we actually are using it all the time, plus a used globe might have the wrong country names and so forth on it.

A puzzle for my younger son, just because he loves them.

Socks, tee shirts and khakis for the men.

Gesso, canvases, glitter and a scrapbook pen. (You can guess from above how much use those items have had this month.)

Two second hand purchases were a book and a magazine from Ebay. Haven't read them yet.

The most egregious of all the purchasing I did this month though, had to be:

The new television! I have to give a giggle to myself because for someone who wasn't going to buy things this year, I really, really jumped ship. *sigh* The thing about the tv is we've wanted a new tv for about 3 years, and our old "set" was 17 years old. We basically have had it on the "when we get the extra money" list, and the extra money came in the form of a bonus from Ken's work. The upsides to the new model are it is definitely more energy efficient, and now we can actually read the credits at the end of things. We maintain a household with just two televisions, one 12 inch in the office, and now a modest 32 inch in the front room.

I am not beating myself up! What's funny to me is how easy it is to just go nuts when you decide to break open the piggy bank. I've had to rethink a lot of why I am doing this. I did have a lot of time to read last month, and three good reads that helped me to rethink my spending and purchasing were In Cheap We Trust, by Lauren Weber, Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, by Judith Levine, and Stop Acting Rich and Start Acting Like a Real Millionaire, by Thomas J. Stanley. By reading so many different perspectives on living the cheap or simple life, it made me rethink my goals just a touch, and put me back in touch with why I am trying to do this.

1. Save Money
2. Reduce my consumption of goods that are polluting the earth.
3. Most important: appreciate all that I already have.

And so back on the wagon I go.

A roast I made for us last week, yum! I realized too, that I'm replacing shopping with eating out and we visited restaurants either as a family or as a couple a whopping 11 times last month! Good grief! Back to home cooking, and the upside is the boys are eating more and more interesting foods all the time, instead of crying for those awful nuggets.

Looking forward to spring!

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  1. Shannon,
    It makes me laugh when you say you have gone out to eat more instead of making purchases!
    I think there is only so much one person can do, considering the avalanche of snow that won't go away. I seriously don't think I could do it without losing my mind!!!