Sunday, March 28, 2010

We survived spring break at home

Because we are taking a big "wow" vacation later this year to see that silly mouse in Florida, there are no other trips on the docket this year. On top of that, because the husband got a promotion, which is awesome, he found himself unable to stay home with us for spring break.

Thus I was left to find ways to entertain and amuse the boys.

It was easier than I expected.

Basically I quizzed them about things they would like to do, plus we had a few things we had planned, such as seeing their Oma and celebrating birthdays. Other things happened by chance, like the weird snowfall on Friday.

One day we had a playdate with two friends of Zack's. We had them over for 5 hours; the other moms thought I was nuts for sure. Here's what kept 4 boys amused for 5 hours:
-A very large bin of my husband's old super-tiny Legos.
-One pizza, ordered with a coupon, pitcher of lemonade, and melon slices for dessert.
-a roll of drawing paper and buckets of crayons, markers and pencils.
-a stack of movies from the library and another bowl of fruit.

One afternoon, they painted on canvas, which was really exciting for them because they felt like "real artists."

Sadly I only had two canvases, or I'd have jointed them.

"Mud" by Nathan
"Flying Scotsman" by Zack

Though we did some fun things, most of the best stuff was the unplanned things, like yesterday we went on a spontaneous hike at the nearby metro park. Or the trip to the park with dad. Or the fun with stacks of drawing paper and library books. Or the hours of pretending to be spacemen fighting evil aliens with their space probes.

All told it was a typical week in our house, with equal parts fun and me yelling about the mess. Hopefully they'll remember the good stuff.

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