Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art with my son

When I am feeling creatively dry, pulled in twenty directions, and generally feeling disconnected from things, there is nothing that helps rejuvenate me quite like grabbing one or both of the boys and doing a little art.

Today we each did one side of the notebook, and "my" side got no attention, because Nathan's side was much more interesting and creative.

While Nathan is drawing or doing art, there is always a story going on. In this scene, the baby birds were pecking out of their eggs, the mommy and daddy birds were eating cherries, and there were two little mice (one is already in the hole) stashing cherries away for later. He had to call Daddy to tell him all about it.

I am feeling very revved up and ready to blog and create again!


  1. awesome, Shannon. I love your son's story!!

  2. Ahhh! Now I am feeling my creativity renewed, too. Time to edit more stories for the company newsletter!