Monday, May 17, 2010

My man turned 40; what a surprise!

We had a little shindig for my guitar man Sunday. We have the bestest cake lady in the universe over at Cake Creations and she has obliged many silly requests from us over the years. This latest work of art was based on one of Ken's favorite guitars. (And yes, I bumped the edge a little, but it was still beautiful, no?)

It was a surprise party, and it worked! He totally didn't see it coming. My wonderful brother in law, who happens to be an actor, and I cooked up a plausible enough story to get Ken out of the house for long enough for me to hightail it to the grocery store, then a local park where 20 of our friends and family waited to yell surprise as the car drove up to the shelter house.

Our older son, with the daughter of our friends, sharing the joys of aircraft. When we have parties, the boys are excellent little hosts.

Our younger son, digging in and looking adorable. My children are fairly amazing because they kept the secret of the party for over a month. See, I am a flibbertygibbet, and had to talk about it to someone!

God bless Ken's mom, bringing an embarrassing band characature from high school, and stuck a "Lordy Lordy Ken is 40" sign on it. I also loved the silly card from my sister, that reads on the cover: "It ain't over till the fat lady sings," then you open it up and it plays an opera singer singing "AAAHHHHH!!!"

I must admit I've never seen him this happy at any sort of function. Usually he is busy being the host, helping me do stuff and looking after the kids. He's kind of awesome like that. This time though, he hung out with his peeps, and that made me feel it was all worth it. Additionally, despite the please no gifts request, our nutty friends hooked him up with some really sweet stuff, including tickets to Rush this August! What a great day!

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  1. What a great party post -- almost hte next-best thing to being there! LOVE the guitar cake!