Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yard Sale Magic

There are these little moments during the process of preparing for and having a yard sale. It's the crazy people you meet. It's the making a bargain. The happy high of shedding stuff. The moment when someone finds treasure in your trash, like the kid who took the DVD player from our free wasn't working so well, but I guess this kid, age 8, enjoys taking things apart. He looked pleased as punch. But the first moment for me, the moment that allows me to step outside my daily reality for a while, is the jarring moment of realization that we have an entire store in our garage.

Then there is the emotional tug of sorting tiny baby clothes. Wasn't too long ago I was washing and sorting these little clothes in this very room, getting ready for my first baby. I am happy to report a lot of the super tiny baby clothes did NOT sell...I ended up giving them to a lady who was busy buying cribs and mattresses for a local organization that helps pregnant girls who've been thrown out of their parents' homes. She said "God will bless you, kiddo" and I said "ma'am, he already has."

Sweet, isn't it? His own idea too.

I know it's just stuff, but wow, it really captures the lifespan of a child.

Our next door neighbor came by and told us that her sister in law is visiting tonight, and that the sister in law's house burned down two weeks ago. She has a two month old baby. Our neighbor wondering if she could send the SIL over to shop later. Um, no, I don't think I'm taking the money of a mom who just lost everything except, thank God, what's most important. A giant bag of clothes sits here next to me waiting for her to keep. (And here I've been whining all day about having too much stuff.)

Finally, the moment of triumph where I realize that after the sale, the books, kid stuff and general junk I will try to unload at the second had shops, and the six bags to be donated, this is the only stuff to re-enter the house! Yay me! I conclude with the solemn vow never to let my house get this junky again, cross my heart!


  1. We need to have a garage sale so badly, but we have a garage full of junk to go through first! Glad you had a successful morning and the weather was nice for you! And what a blessing to be able to give those clothes and things to people who need them most!


  2. Shannon,
    I remember going through the girl's clothing and some I was just unable to part with!! And now, we just unloaded my first born from her first year at college!!!!!!! Holy cow!!
    SO AWESOME how you were able to donate to the girl's home (people really still toss their girl's out if they are pregnant?? Thank goodness for people like the lady who came to your sale.) And then for the gal whose home burned down. Wow. What a great story!

  3. I have never understood why anyone, anywhere would ever have a garage sale. Now I "get it!" What a touching post. Thanks!