Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Food at Disney

On our first trip to Disney World, when the kids were babies, we made bad food choices. Like neither getting a meal plan nor booking any type of special meal. Thus we were left often in the pouring rain with an infant and a hungry toddler with no where to sit and junk food as our only option. So this time around we got the deluxe meal plan and made tons of reservations. This proved to be a good thing/bad thing. (Above picture is selections from the dessert buffet at Chef Mickey's.)

On the good front, every meal came with an appetizer, entree, dessert and drink. (Except breakfast, which was coffee, juice and entree or buffet.) But really this counts also as a bad thing, because frankly I spent much of the trip bloated, and feeling a little guilty about all the food my kids were wasting because they were being given such large portions.

In the good column: a meal like this is very very kind to the parents (Salmon dish from the Coral Reef at the Seas.)

The experiences with the characters were totally worth it. Nice food and you are guaranteed to get a few encounters with the characters. (Plus at the castle boys get cool swords for the wishing ceremony. Yup, that's what you want. Two brothers armed...)

I initially felt a little silly taking pictures, so you have no idea how lovely some of my meals were! Also, there was the case of the Tusker House buffet in Animal Kingdom, which has IMO the best food and overall experience, during which I basically was far too busy with my snout in the trough to do any pictures.

All told, the meal plan is great and gave us a lot of options. For instance, the husband and I had a Signature meal at Narcoose's at the Grand Floridian, which took two credits each, as did the princess lunch at the castle. Also snack credits could be used for water bottles, which we needed in the 90 degree heat. But really getting the deluxe plan was just too much food! We had 3 meal and 7 snack credits leftover on our last morning. Thankfully a cast member gave us the idea of using the credits at the cafe for carryout food, so our little guy's rolling carryon became our picnic basket at the airport.

All in all I think this was totally worth it to avoid the long lines, get out of the sun from time to time, and have good food options. (Plus I loved trying out the "food" setting on my camera!)


  1. I had no idea you could get a meal plan at Disney. Do you have to stay in one of their resorts? We just went for a day in February.

  2. I think you do have to be staying in their resorts. In fact, this year I guess if you stay more than three nights between August 15 – October 2, 2010 they are giving you the dining plan for free, which would be so cool! But I think I am all Disney'd out (and so is our wallet) so we will resume our usual camping and hiking excursions for our next several vacations :-)

  3. Never feel silly for taking pictures, 'cause we get to see some awesome stuff!!!!
    What a fun trip it looks like you are having. And two boys with swords? wow.