Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garden Inspiration from Walt Disney World

Of course everything at Disney is beautiful and well manicured.

Living with the Land is a favorite attraction of mine from Epcot.

However this was my first time seeing it with the eyes of a gardener, and I was so inspired! Especially being a suburban gardener with big ideas and limited space.

Animal Kingdom was my favorite park. I love the idea of creating some type of vignette for my outdoor areas.

There were tons of these cool birdhouses at AK.

View from the side.

I am inspired to be a little more creative with birdhouses now.

I'd like my birdies to have a few beautiful palaces.

I could totally see a relief...

Or a part of a wall as a garden accent.

Finally I love prayer flags! Yes, these are fakes, but they are lovely and colorful.

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