Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet robin's nest

I stumbled into this sweet little nest of baby robins last week. It was a bush I was about to hack the rest of the way down. I accidentally destroyed the original nest, but Mama Robin built it right back up.

She also put up a huge fuss on the neighbor's roof when I came by to take pictures, despite the fact that I explained I was just paying a call. ;-)

Within a few days their down was already turning to feathers.

Before I knew it they were gone. Makes me consider my own guys, especially now at the end of the school year. Did first grade and the preschool year really go by so fast? The old folks are right when they say to enjoy every minute!

Speaking of birds and enjoyment, if you like hummingbirds, hop on over to Lynn's blog, Blue Skies, to see some extraordinary nest pics!

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