Saturday, July 31, 2010

All dressed up and no place to go....

Vintage pinup me, heavily girdled. Soon I will begin the big diet initiative, and one of my real goals is to be able to fit back into my darling collection of vintage and vintage-inspired day dresses picked from the thrifts over the years. This red dress *just barely* fits, but most of them do not. Neither do my skinny jeans. Hopefully I can get my act together and get into shape! My goal is to be back into my skinny jeans and hot-girl RUSH t-shirt in time for my favorite Canadian trio's next stop in C-bus, on August 29th.

I was inspired after watching this video on how to do "Victory Rolls" in your hair. Personally I think it looked better in the bathroom. I have no idea how women kept this look up.

I even convinced Ken to buy this retro shirt today while we were out school shopping for Zack. He looks good, but was absolutely against getting the porkpie hat to go with it.

The everyday me: bare feet, flat hair and clothes fit to pull weeds. While my husband likes when I wear dresses, he said my rolled hair made him feel like he was taking out wife #3 at the compound. Nice. It was fun to have a rainy day and time on my hands to play dress up.


  1. Wife #3???? I thought your hair was adorable!!!!!

  2. He is the funny guy, my husband.