Thursday, July 29, 2010

I (heart) turtles and our Columbus Metropolitan Libraries!

The boys and I have been availing ourselves of our local library's story times all summer, and a few weeks ago we got to see the Turtle Lady. She is something of a local celebrity for the under-8 set around here, and I was so happy to finally see her and all of her creature friends.

Turtles can be stinky.

We saw all shapes and sizes of turtles; she brought something like 40 turtles, snakes and frogs with her.

I can't say enough about our libraries here in Columbus, and how thankful I am for their summer programming for kids. Basically, Library Journal named our libraries the 2010 Library of the Year. And they did that on a shoestring budget after the state of Ohio took away something like half their funding. Bravo, librarians!

(Footy-note: the turtle on the left is an example of a turtle who was not well cared for. Turtle Lady Nancy taught us that it is important to read and study about any creature we decide to adopt before we bring it into our homes.)

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  1. Oh, your boys look like they had a BLAST!!! What fun!