Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make a memory tonight!

Last night, last night I dumped our usual going to bed ritual (read: me yelling at the boys to get to bed and them refusing) and decided to let them take their sleeping bags and bug jar outside to catch fireflies and stargaze instead. It was fun, and I found myself sort of lost in the moment. A cool, clear night in the grass with my boys. They asked the kind of questions they would never probably bring up in the car on the way to the store or school. They waxed philosophic. They chased fireflies, and managed to catch 3 for their lantern (which they were eager to let go again, because they didn't want to worry the bugs.) The best part was I was so engaged that it didn't occur to me to try to photograph it or otherwise document the moment. I think we all finished the day grateful for a respite from the summer doldrums and general boredom mothers and kids can experience in the summer.

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