Friday, July 23, 2010

Rookie adventures in canning

Had to do something with this pile of cucumbers I harvested from the garden. The husband has been wanting to make pickles for forever.

Too bad he's been working late every night this week. I knew the cukes wouldn't last too much longer so I did this myself. I thank the Lord above that the sustenance of my family does not depend on my ability to preserve. What a mess I made! The good news is they are tasty, and should be just fine to eat for 2-3 weeks if refrigerated! So I guess we're having pickles with every meal for a while. Anyone for tuna salad?


  1. Did they not seal? You may have had too little headroom (the space between the pickling liquid and the top) or you didn't process them long enough. That happens. I just made a batch of blackberry jam (thank goodness it was only a couple of jars) and they didn't seal either. I'll be giving those away to people who can use them right away.

  2. Wow - I admire your adventurous spirit! I have made some jam, in my time, but never pickles! What a fantastic idea! Love your photo of all the jars! Thanks for checking in with my blog so often! I love your comments, and reading your blog also. Isn't it fun to have this connection!

  3. If you want to "seal" your jars so you can put then in a cupboard for a couple of YEARS, just sterilize the jars first, do everything you did just the same. The only difference with pickles is to put the finished jars in a large pot so the boiling water will cover the jars and boil the entire jar/contents and all for about 10 min. I would have to check the exact amount of time for pickles but thats all there is to it. After you take them out you'll hear POP POP POP as the jars seal.