Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thrifted Thursday

I managed to convince the younger son to accompany me on a thriftstore trip while the elder son was at a day camp. Well, being 4, he really had no choice. Thankfully he curled himself into a petulant ball in the shopping cart and sulked while we made our way through the glassware. I found these cool vintage whiskey decanters for under $8 for all of them. I originally bought them for resale, but Ken likes how they look, and I do too. (And I made this a quick trip so we could get home for a little Thomas the Tank Engine.)

I also picked up a few random things: doily, embroidered placemat/runner, old pattern to use for a collage project, and an unopened set of 3 snowflake stamps. I love getting cheap stamps, and I got this set for 50 cents. I find myself casting an eye to fall when I can hunker into my scrapbooking and a few art projects. But for now I am okay with just enjoying the summer and snapping the occasional picture.


  1. Love your thrifted items! Have you been to Apronthriftgirl blog? You totally remind me of her with your thrifted thursday. She has Thrift Monday - it is really fun!

  2. Yes I do read Apronthriftgirl. I am not nearly as organized as to have a certain day of the week, and really haven't been doing much thrifting lately at all, lol.