Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Found some good junk on vacation

My patient guys always let me have an hour or so to scan the Logan Antique Mall in Logan, Ohio, when we are on our way home from the Hocking Hills.

They have some pretty good junk here.

They have a great variety of vendors, so you get everything from higher end antiques to affordable, funky, and quirky collectibles.

When a store calls itself an "antique" store, I am sometimes afraid to go in and get my heart set on something that I can't afford. Happily the prices here vary, and chances are you can always find something interesting for not a lot of money. I found a lonely looking box of vintage linens for a mere $2.00.

This was $4, and looks great in my house.

Additionally, this store is located with a collection of all things tourist for this region called REmpel's Grove---they have a petting zoo, canoe livery, ice cream shop, an awesome little buffet restaurant, a craft mall, and a glass outlet.

The glass outlet sells mainly overstocks and seconds of American made glass and china, and they sell Fiestaware!!! So we picked up some plates for like $5 each!!! Love them! We'll probably go back to get a second color next time we are down that way.


  1. I LOVE Rempel's Grove! Next time you are there, you have to eat at the restaurant. It is wonderful home cooking! And I think I may have to hit up the Fiestaware! I got 4 sets for Christmas, but we want 8, so maybe I should check it out and add a few sets if they are that cheap! Glad you had a great time!


  2. The Dutch restaurant is always the focal point of our little excursions :-)