Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A happy vacation accident

While driving around the Hocking Hills, I glanced up at the sign for my old summer camp, Camp Otterbein!

My first couple summers were spent in this very cabin!

The lake seemed so much bigger then!

Prayer circle

Dining lodge, again seemed so much bigger then!

Thanks to the staff for letting me run around like a hysterical maniac with tears in my eyes while I took pictures of everything! Summer camp was the thing I looked forward to more than anything else when I was a kid, and I had some of my most memorable experiences here!!!


  1. I never attended Camp Otterbein, but I was once stranded there when my car decided to die in the driveway of the people who own it! LOL! Camp Otterbein is a special place because of the special people there. Glad you got to re-explore!


  2. There was family camp going on there, but the staff said it was ok to walk around. The girl offered me a map, and I was like "nope, don't need it!" I still remembered where everything was.