Wednesday, August 18, 2010


While at Lake Hope State Park, we participated in a hummingbird feeding experience. What this basically entails was a talk from the ranger, followed by 2 hours of holding little vials of sugar water in the air and hoping the hummingbirds came down out of the trees. At an hour and a half of the birds going only to the same guy over and over, we let our extraordinarily patient kids off the hook, and went inside the shop to buy a hummingbird feeder of our own to take home.

And we are so glad we did.

These little birds are everywhere in our backyard now. We did see a few buzzing around before vacation, but now we have a nightly show back there.

I like watching the sunset with these little guys.

We learned something important at the state park: that it is a federal crime to hold or capture any part of a hummingbird or its nest, including feathers and eggs, without a permit. I am glad I learned that, because I am pretty sure we have a nest in the bushes and I was all set to check it out.


  1. LOVE hummingbirds!!! so fun to watch. We used to have a feeder with tons of birds, but then some of them got all territorial and chased the others away...

  2. Aren't they so cute! I love watching them.

    I see you joined Artsy Mama's Halloween blog-me too! I only joined the blog-not the swap-i feel bad making people ship outside continental USA. Maybe next year if living in Ohio I can join-he,he!