Thursday, August 26, 2010

A month of Columbus Zoo trips

We hung out this August at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium every Monday while Nathan went to KinderZoo. Below are scenes from our fabulous zoo!

Flying foxes are Nate's favorite.

The polar bear exhibit is amazing. The bears have a huge amount of space, as well as giving the guests an opportunity to view from above and below. These incredible creatures are my favorites.

The Roos don't do much, though now and then one will hop out on the path in front of you.

One pissed off there just as Zack's cup was empty.

Orangutan, deep in thought...

I love the flamingos! Last summer we had a whole nursery of young ones, courtesy of the San Diego Zoo, which shipped a crate of eggs to our zoo.

I don't remember what these wacky birds are called. This was part of the Animal Encounter Village, something new they started last summer. It is lots of up close and hands-on animal viewing, with little talks given by the keepers about the animals.

Beco, with his mama Phoebe and aunt Connie. Beco and his older brother Bodhi are Asian elephants, and were both born at the Columbus Zoo. They are proof that Central Ohio can love a couple of baby elephants just as much as our beloved Buckeyes, I think.

A sweet little owl, at the village.

Baby Misha, with one of her human surrogate moms. As part of the Columbus Zoo's Surrogacy Program, eventually one of the interested adult female gorillas will be paired with Misha, whose own mother could not care for her. While we were there, we could actually see one of the females from the next area peeking through a window and watching her.

Yes, you can see Manatees in central Ohio! The manatees that stay at our zoo are usually either orphan babies or injured animals. All but a couple of the manatees that have been here over the years have been or will be returned to Florida to live in the wild.

I am pretty sure these tortoises have been there since I was a kid.

Wild boys, having sought sustenance, prepare for further explorations. We are quite spoiled here in Columbus, with the top zoo in the nation (I think we basically take turns with San Diego!) I am looking forward to a few cold weather trips with Nathan now that Zack has started back to school.

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  1. Shannon,
    how cool is this?? Kinderzoo? Who knew?
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