Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 Years of Marriage, and it's still very, very cool

Ken and Myself, 8 years ago today.

I wanted a sort of retro wedding.

Same church my folks got married in; same dinner jackets for the men, too!

The title of my post comes from "the toast." My brother in law gave the all time best, most eloquent, most thoughtful toast ever. It included the story of how when Ken met me, he told Stefan "She's very cool," and how as time past, that kept changing to "she's very, very cool," to "she's very very very cool," etc. People still comment about that toast!

The aerial view of my reception. I think our wedding was a testament to simple, romantic and inexpensive weddings. We did the reception in the church gym, and the only big expense was that I insisted on a caterer, because I couldn't envision my mom cooking for 150 people on my wedding day, and I had a florist which in retrospect I didn't really need, but I was not terribly confident in my crafting ability then. We did a luncheon, and Ken and I did the decorating. Our friends helped the catering crew clean up at the end. All in all it was a charming little wedding, it was over fairly early in the day, and aside from being a tad hot that day (our 108 year old church has no A/C) it was a lovely day.

My favorite memory was after our "getaway" from the church, in Ken's pickup truck, we ended up at Schiller Park, where we strolled around for a while, in full wedding attire, taking in the gardens and the various people waving and cheering to us. When we returned to the church mostly everyone was gone, and do you know what we did? We ended up at the pastor's house next door, talking to her about the meaning of marriage, for like over an hour. It was a really beautiful, meaningful way to start a marriage. And a wonderful marriage it has been.

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  1. What a great story!!!!!!! I love that you had such a relaxed, easy, beautiful day together!!!! It's one I won't soon forget!
    FABULOUS dress!