Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I baked today :-)

I've been getting all homey for fall and I baked these Cornmeal Buns from The Frugal Girl today. OMG!!! They are too good. I've already eaten two (small ones, really) and I'm really impatient for the husband to get his tail home so's we can eat! Tonight we are having BBQ pork, sweet potatoes, a small spinach salad, and these lovely buns.

This week I did a very smart thing and picked up a pork loin roast for $8; it will end up feeding us for 4 days---last night it was roast w/ mashed potatoes and corn, BBQ tonight, tomorrow pork fried rice, and Friday, if we aren't completely sick of it, I will probably scrap up the odds and ends of the roast in some baked beans and serve it with more rolls! I estimate that the cost per person for each of our meals is only about $1 a meal. Not too shabby!


  1. YUM. did you have to turn on the air conditioning??

  2. Ha ha, nope. It was breezy and only got up to like 75 or something all day. Our evenings have been in the 50's so I can breathe again.