Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last week I found myself with a bit of mending to do. It felt good to restore life to something that was torn, in this case the knees of nearly all of Nathan's pants.

So old fashioned, this idea of mending.

Just a few stitches and patches here and there and we were all fixed up.

Same goes with the family. Sometimes a mom just feels blue, and if she isn't careful, she takes it out on all the people who love her most, with a grouchy mood and sour words. I am grateful for their love, and for our ability to mend. Mending is an old and useful idea, indeed.


  1. Can I ship you our mending? This is an ongoing argument in our home, I CAN sew, but I hate mending, and I detest sewing buttons!

  2. Believe me, the mood has to really really strike me.