Monday, October 11, 2010

Standard autumn apple picking post, plus a visit to grandpa's

Two weekends ago we headed to northern Ohio for a visit with my grandpa. But it is such a long drive, we needed to have a couple of diversions along the way. First stop was Norwalk, Ohio, birthplace of my mom and her sister. It basically looks like the town from "Back to the Future."

We had lunch at a cute little place called the Uptown Cafe. Be warned: if you ever go there, get the small sub. Big food, little check. My kind of joint. Nathan's cheeseburger was so good he refused to share. Oh, and the food takes a while because they actually make it when you order it.

We then made our way to Berlin Heights, home of Burnham Orchards. They do these harvest weekends where they have apple and pumpkin picking, a corn maze, various activities for the kids, plus they have a big old shop where you can get all your fall produce, cider, honey, jam---everything you need for the pantry. And outside they even had a country western band playing old standards (think Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy) while you sip your hot cider and have a fresh doughnut. I love the ancient drive we humans seem to have to celebrate the harvest.

We pretty much stuck to the apple picking.

Aren't they cute?

It was wonderfully cool up there that weekend, and Nathan learned how awesome hot cider is when the weather gets cool.

The boys got a free ride

I love the double fisting of the apples.

It was a wonderful day to drive in the country. There were combines in every field, the chance to see animals in pastures, and lots of opportunities to talk about where our food comes from, and to feel connected to our roots.

And speaking of roots, we got to visit Grandpa. He's 86 and doesn't get around so good anymore, but he's as ornery as ever. The boys were very excited because we don't see him much, and grandparents in our family are in pretty short supply. It was great to see him and several other family members who stopped by for a visit.

Nice way to start the fall season.

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  1. Shannon,
    these pictures are priceless!!! Your boys are so cute. The one with your grandfather is GREAT. So glad you had this adventure..