Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifted Thursday

Okay, I've totally been avoiding the thrifts, one because I was spending too much money, and two because I don't really need these things, and three because every time I haul more stuff in the house, the husband raises and eyebrow based on points one and two. However, the church had a rummage sale this week, which whetted my appetite, so I ended up visiting a local resale shop as well as my favorite thrift. The pickings far exceeded my expectations. Here are just a few highlights:

Usually I try to steer clear of this stuff, but today these were all items that I found in the "old lady bags"---plastic bags where they have basically dumped the contents of sweet old ladies' sewing boxes, and charged 90 cents a piece for the contents. I especially love the little elephant salt shaker, orphaned from its mate.

File this one under "things to refinish." I plan to paint these and decorate my space with them.

Another item to refinish with bright paint.

A huge assortment of scrapping and stamping supplies, most of it never used. Basically this tin and its contents cost me under $5, but there is at least $50 worth of scrapbook embellishments, stamps and other craft miscellany, never used, within.

A sweet decoupaged tin; I think I buy stuff like this sometimes because I am the only girl in the house, and I just want to surround myself with pretty things.

Someone's well cared-for curtains. I'm going to remove the liner, because it has seen better days, then launder the fabric. Sewing season is upon us!

This was my "sweet find of the day" ---vintage postal scale. I love the color, the starburst, and the fact that it is still functional. A pretty and useful addition to my workspace.

It is amazing how finding a few little treasures can totally inspire you to clean up your space, and get back to work. Normally I eschew the idea of "retail therapy," but now and then, picking up a few little pretty things can really lift your spirits!

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