Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thriftstore Pet Peeve

I picked this little goody up on my thrift adventure. From a distance, this looked old and collectible and my heart swooned. Upon closer examination, I realized it was mass-produced, made in China. I've been noticing at most of the larger thrifts around here they are selling the type of things thrifters look for---from furniture to collectibles to household goods like aprons and linens, all reproductions. What makes me mad is they don't always put labels on them, but if you look around the store you'll see a bunch of the same item. I feel like "they" are on to us, and it just isn't right.

Having said that I bought it anyway. It will look cute on my Halloween display shelf, and I can use it to store some of the smaller items that I have. I had to chuckle when the lady at the register say "Ain't those cute? We had a whole stack of 'em over there last week." I appreciate that at least she wasn't trying to fool anyone.

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