Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December First Musing

The many crafty blogs and magazine emails are pouring into my inbox with titles like "Ten Easy-to-Make Ornaments" and the like. However I also notice a number of the bloggers I read are feeling what I'm feeling: I have enough ornaments and decorations, thanks. No one in my family wants anything handmade, so they're getting gift cards this year. The kids don't need another toy, and I don't feel like shopping either. (Yeah yeah, I've actually done the shopping and they're getting a couple of toys. I'm just sayin'.) Unlike previous years, I have no creative feelings this year. I wonder if I spent all of my creativity on the novel last month? I don't feel like canning, baking, crafting or otherwise making any sort of gifts, not even the tags.

(Our "unplugged" angel... her lightbulbs burnt out, and I couldn't find replacements, so I removed all of her wires. She's kind of a symbol for our holidays.)

However, far from being a humbug, this is my list of things I do want to do this holiday season:

Have a tree trimming party (did this last weekend!)

Take the boys to the Channel 6 building Saturday to deliver some goodies for Toys for Tots.

Watch Christmas themed movies, everything from "Polar Express" to "It's a Wonderful Life."

Sip cocoa, hot tea and/or holiday blends of coffee.

Read Christmas stories to the kids, including the book of St. Luke, King James edition, of course.

Do some puttering with the sewing machine that is not gift related.

Catch up on the scrapbooking.

Meet up with the family for the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo.

Eat lots of warm stew or baked lasagna with fresh bread.

Read the piled up stack of library books.

Sing holiday songs with Andy Williams and Frank Sinatra.

Indulge in spiced wine or Bailey's.

Paint, draw, do play doh, etc. with the kids.

Stare out the window at the falling snow, of which we have our first today!


  1. I think we should spend our holidays doing exactly as we please, not what anyone tells us we should do!

    It's thinking we are missing out on something, or not living up to supposed expectations that make it a disappointment.

    I don't think I will even bother putting ornaments on my vintage tree, just display the vintage boxes in a basket. Easy up, easy down!

  2. I love the holidays, and this post really makes me think about what's important. Thank you for your post!

    I love your tree :)

  3. Sounds like a great plan to me, Shannon. Lots of memories with your family and friends is always the best ideas!

  4. Sounds like a a plan! I'm actually buying the 6 year old Poptropica gift cards this year. he loves that website, and it is clutter free! Oldest gets iTunes. I'm getting some toys too, but we are so not going overboard!