Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the end of another year

We took the kids bowling the other day and I'd forgotten how much I love it.

I bowled until I was fifteen and I even won first place in a city tournament that year.

It made me realize something. That it is time I start revisiting things I love to do, especially things that became impractical when the boys were still little.

They are not little anymore. In fact, now they are these interesting people we actually have fun with!

When I contemplated the year, I will admit that I was initially negative. I thought about all the promises and resolutions broken. I've gained weight. I went on a year long spending spree.

For some reason I forgot all the really cool things: we took the boys to Disney, I wrote a novel, we took the boys on a five mile hike once this summer, Ken and I learned to ballroom dance, we visited my grandpa for the first time in forever---I could go on. It really was a great year!

It's funny how we can choose how we "keep score" in life. How we view things is totally in our own hands.

Looking forward to New Year's Eve at home with our friends. Happy New Year!


  1. It sounds like you did have a good year! I only "met" you ner the end, so I look forward to spending 2011 with you!

  2. Happy New Year, Shannon!
    Glad to hear all good things you can look back on-they are very sweet, indeed!