Friday, December 17, 2010

Keeping busy on a sick day

What a beautiful snowy day we're having here.

Except that this guy, he's not happy. He came home from school barfing yesterday. Today he's home with us, feasting on Jello and 7-Up, and missing his classroom's winter party.

He did cheer himself with a bit of drumming while little brother played airplanes.

I pulled together some recycled materials...tissue paper and old glass vases.

Nathan demonstrating this craft idea from Nina and Star on Sprout.

Neat stained glass luminaries/vases/pencil holders for the family, made from materials we had around the house. Brilliant! Now I just hope they are not reading this....

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  1. That is a cute idea! I am always at a loss for family gifts! This year I did slide shows with music. I would have liked to put kids voices on but did not plan far enough ahead and I also have teens and tweens who do not always cooperate!