Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter walk

We were feeling a bit of cabin fever this week, and ended up taking the boys on a very brisk walk. 24 degrees brisk, it turned out.

We are so lucky to have a little parcel of greenspace right behind our house. Hard to come by in Suburbia. Or in this case, white space?

I completely needed the fresh air and exercise.

It's a good thing Daddy brought a thermos of cocoa for the halfway point.

Children need to be outdoors. And no, they won't be bored. They will always find a million ways to entertain themselves outside in nature.

The winds picked up while we were out there...we discussed, through chattering teeth, what it must have been like for early settlers and indigenous people to survive.

We all need a bit of yonder to rest our eyes on.


  1. Looks lovely!
    Will be on our way to visit our friends in Cleveland tomorrow! can't wait to take pictures like yours full of white snow!
    Kids really excited about the cold weather...
    Wishing you a great New Year-2011!

  2. Gorgeous, but oh, man. BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!