Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Figuring things out

I've been on a cleaning/purging/downscaling rampage the past two days or so. I'm feeling crowded and suffering from massive cabin fever. Call it SAD, call it the blues, whatever you call it, I've got it. It's a disorganized, dissatisfied feeling, and it came on just after everyone resumed their post-holiday routines. After a week of rearranging my tchatchkis (and photographing them) and moving pictures around I recognize that old familiar need to pare down.

This isn't easy for me. I am an American, after all. We've been trained to buy more stuff to feel better. Even though a lot of my goodies come from thrifts, I am realizing that I have heaps of stuff in my closets that I've never used or worn. I am discovering pieces I'd completely forgotten about. And I am taking the time, as I quietly work through, to evaluate my priorities. My right-now priorities. It is invigorating! So far I have two giant bags to donate, a large shopping bag of books and cd's for the local resale shop, and a small box of goodies destined for Etsy. Getting some space freed up makes me realize how much time and money I am spending on things I no longer value. I am also realizing that what I crave most is a simple, uncomplicated space in which to live and be with my family.


  1. I've been feeling that way for some time as well. Less is more. I think the visual clutter of all this "stuff" just wears me out. I've started up my etsy shop and hopefully can sell some of it!

  2. I love January for just this reason. I always toss in this month! Hope it goes well for you.