Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions? Nah.

(New Year's Breakfast: sausage and kraut, with a marzipan pig, for luck, served with Prosecco by my husband, who served Prosecco with every meal that day, which he cooked, bless his heart.)

If I learned anything in 2010 it was to think twice before making resolutions I have no chance of keeping. To be fair to myself, last year's declaration was mighty hefty, especially for a rookie. This year I'm not even calling them "resolutions" but more like "areas of focus."

My 2010 Areas of Focus

1. Fitness and "Waist Management"---quite simply, I want to get the last of the junky food out of the house and eat healthful, nutritious foods, get my weight in check and normal, and find the right exercise or exercises for me that I can stick to every day.

2. Family Nutrition---we've come a long way in the battle of the dinner table this year. Not only can I now serve a roast or meatloaf with potatoes and a vegetable to every family member without special orders or substitutions, we've also discovered that the elder son loves spice! Tacos, fire sauce, General Tso's, he likes it all. Plus both boys are very comfortable eating raw vegetables, and lots of fruit, which was never a problem for the younger son at all. This year, the focus will be on better meal planning, trying more new foods, especially fish that doesn't involve breading, and more child involvement in the garden.

3. Anti-Procrastination---I want to make a point of getting tasks off the table as quickly as possible. I got into the bad habit last year of letting a few small things fester and that was no good, especially with my Etsy shop. I waited 11 months to get things up in the shop, and guess what? When I listed them, they sold! Some of the projects include listing another half dozen items, filing the pile of paperwork in the office, and tackling the techno-graveyard in the basement and getting it to the recycling center.

4. Discipline---not just for the kids but for all of us. I would like to see an improvement in all of our routines so that they just become second nature. This includes everyone helping to clean up after meals, everyone helping with laundry and chores, and for me personally, making better use of my time for things that are important (and keeping off of facebook!)

5. Real Thrift and Stewardship---I want to revisit my core values: to live lightly, minimally, simply and frugally. This doesn't mean cheap and stingy. Nor does it mean we have to live in a dark, cold house. What it does mean is creatively making do and gracefully doing without.

6. Reading to the kids. I haven't been doing this enough, other than a few books at bedtime. I want to get back to afternoon reading sessions, especially considering that my youngest is going to be a big kindergartner in the fall.

7. Creative pursuits---I plan to edit my novel this year, plus resume my scrapbooking as soon as the men are all back to school/ work tomorrow. Also I want to consider where to go with this little blog.

8. Make more time for Mr. Supermergentroidgal. I think now that our kids are growing we need to make more time to be a couple again. Last year we did ballroom dancing and that was so fun. This year I want to think of new fun things for us to do together.


  1. Love it that you will be reading to your kids! It gets even more fun as they get older and you can explore longer books together. You'll have a whole carload of wonderful characters as friends you all know!

  2. Whew! What a great list, Shannon..especially the part about finding something fun to do with your husband!