Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling Red this Valentine's day

Over the years the husband and I have more or less "phased out" valentine's day from our official events. Part of this is because our "real" day is tomorrow---he proposed to me on February 15th, so as not to be cliche and do it when everyone else was doing it. Also, I had to make him stop ordering $100 bouquets to be sent to me. While this was romantic and swept me off my feet when I was a credit union teller and he was my boyfriend, now that we have college to save for, it is a bit excessive.

Now we go for more homespun things---I made spaghetti for all of us last night, with red velvet cupcakes for dessert. Today Nathan and I will make a few valentines. The boys are happy with their goodies from school. The husband, as a v-day gift, will be arranging babysitting with his ma for sometime next weekend so we can go have a quiet dinner in all the restaurants that aren't packed with cupid's followers. All done without overspending.

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