Friday, February 11, 2011

My baby is growing up so fast

Signed him up for Kindergarten this week. Wow, that flew. (Um, can I have another baby, please? Just kidding...) *sigh*


  1. Looks like he's ready! My boy is in Kindergarten this year and I'm not sure he could write all those words unassisted- great job! Is that a vintage Batman T- love it! He had a vintage Spiderman T- date stamped 1978- but probably too small now. Maybe going to etsy... ;)

  2. Old Navy "Vintage" lol. He likes it though :-)

  3. You know, I got pregnant with the girls when my "baby" started kindergarten. Dh was just too sad to see the last little chick leve the nest. We delayed another five years!