Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something about kids....

If you've ever seen a spoiled kid and think, wow, what a brat, consider for a moment that for a kid to be "spoiled" they actually had to be spoiled by someone. I was pondering this while playing with my younger son this afternoon. He takes mommy-playtime very seriously. It is the hour or so after lunch but before I start working on projects that we do whatever he wants. Today we played "Star Wars" or an odd variant of it. My boys recently discovered the original trilogy and want to play it all the time.

However unlike a lot of parents, we have yet to run to Target to buy them sets of action figures to play with. For now, Star Wars is played with an odd assortment of their dad's figures they found in Oma's basement: Obiwan (who I think is wearing a piece of old pantyhose for a cape,) an R2D2 from an old Happy Meal, Luke Skywalker, several Rescue People, Wall-E, and Evil Kineval. Truthfully I found it a little hard to follow the progression of the story.

I am proud my little guy's ability to use what he has and a healthy dose of imagination. I recall when my older son was small, and falling in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. He played Thomas with his colored-block train, and was perfectly happy, but of course we and our family eventually got him most of the residents of the island of Sodor. Sure he played with them a lot, but I wonder if he would have been just as happy with that old train.

Hopefully I can remember this when we arrive at the mania of the next birthday...

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