Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swing Time!

Was feeling a bit emotional today. I have finally decided to get rid of 90% of my vintage and retro dresses that I've accumulated over the years. Again, going with the whole idea of only making space in my home for things that serve me NOW. Those were good times, really good times, when I used to dress up and go dancing (had some fab partners too!) But a lot of the clothes I'm hanging on to are either too large or too small, or just generally don't fit my current lifestyle. I guess that's the part that gets emotional, it's missing the things we dearly loved.

However, I have things now that I dearly love, like Mr. Supermergentroid and the Supermergentroid kids. We do new things for fun, like camping and biking. (And yes we still listen to a lot of swing music at home.) Additionally, I have managed to drag the mister to two units of ballroom last year. That is a new world for both of us to discover together. We not only swing, we can cha cha, merengue, rhumba, tango and waltz. The mister is wonderful at the waltz, owing no doubt to his Austrian heritage. We can dance now, though he's totally not a vintage dress-up kind of guy. As for me, I still love vintage, but I think I was wearing a lot of the wrong things. Going forward I vow only to buy a piece if it looks fabulous on me. Vintage is no fun when you look like a bag lady.

I may be moving forward, but this girl will always live in my heart.

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