Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifted Thursday

Headed to the thrifts yesterday because I had an hour to kill between signing the "baby" up for kindergarten and picking him up from preschool. Saw these beautiful starburst etched glasses and had to pick them up. Great for Valentine's day, I think! I also found another couple of goodies but I will save those for later.

Now, I realized yesterday was Ash Wednesday (I'm a little behind the times, lol) and decided, after my thrift store trip, that I will give up the thrift store shopping for Lent. I'm doing this because we don't need a thing right now, and so continuing to go on these once and twice a week journeys is really just a way to kill time and have something to do. It's not really any different from the stay at home mom who runs to the mall every day. I don't run to Target for fun the way I used to, and I fear I've just replaced one bad habit with another one. (Additionally, it's pretty schizophrenic that I am trying to declutter the house on one hand, and keep filling it with junk on the other. That doesn't even make any sense!)

Also I'm going to give up using the computer between the hours of 10am and 9pm. My reasoning: I don't want the boys seeing their mother constantly on the computer, especially on facebook. Facebook has been a great tool for communication and for reconnecting with a few good friends, but other than that it is a time waster and a tool of sloth for me.

Wish me luck! The good thing is I do have many blog ideas so I'm going to focus my tiny bit of computer time on that.


  1. Ha ha I was fooled by believing what I read on facebook...Lent is very late this year, Ash Wednesday isn't until the 9th of MARCH. Whoopee! I was worried I'd missed fat Tuesday :-)

  2. I have a dozen wineglasses in that pattern. They were inherited, though, not thrifted. They are very nice crystal (don't know the maker tho)- great score!