Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I turn 39 in a few days.

Not really looking forward to a big splash or anything. The furnace will be repaired that day. I may stop at Starbucks for a treat. My men will probably either make me something or take me out to eat. My aunt already gave me a gorgeous pair of earrings in my birthstone (aquamarine) and my sis got me a mini rosebush with pale peach blooms.

However, my mother in law left this with me and it's so pretty, like a bag full of bon bons, that I don't want to open it until my real birthday. Who knows what little treats and treasures lie within? I mean there could be a book or cd from my amazon list, a gift card for a spa day, dark chocolate, French milled lavender soap, a sparkly vintage brooch...I could go on and on.

Usually I'm a dive-right-in kinda girl, but I'm feeling the urge to savor things lately.

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