Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring break, useful thrift, and other miscellany

First of, of course like everyone, I've got Japan on my mind. We took the boys to a steakhouse the other day and there was a group of Japanese-Americans collecting donations, and the kids were making all these little origami things to give away. When I saw all of these people, thinking that no doubt at least some of them have maybe family or friends affected by the devastation, I wanted to cry. I could even look at them really. Just stuffed some money into a box like a good American and took my paper crane thingy. The thing with globalization is that we now can feel the pain of people across the world, but have absolutely no way to help. I mean, if my neighbors were displaced because of a tornado (disaster of choice here in the Middle West) I could be of use---take them in, feed them, clothe them, shelter them. All I can do for Japan is send money and pray, and that feels like it's not nearly enough.

In other news, I've managed somehow to mess something up in my lower back (probably in the garden, of course.) All my plans to take the boys on fun close-to-home adventures reduced to nil. The good thing is my husband was off yesterday and took them for an afternoon of biking and hiking, so that was something.

Here's a fun thing I've been meaning to share. I'm going to start posting useful things I find at the thrifts, which I sometimes don't because I'm so focused on vintage items. You know those fancy coffee cups Starbuck's sells for $20 ? I got mine at Goodwill for $3.

It appears they messed up the spelling of a local school...Jonathan Alder, not Adler. Whoo hoo! Their mistake got me a really nice travel mug, so now I can enjoy tasty coffee on the go without using those plastic or metal things.

Fondue pot, Volunteers of America, $6. The husband and I like to have fondue and wine sometimes, but really can't afford the pricey menu at The Melting Pot, who wants to pay $50 to cook their own food? (Yeah, we've been there once, and okay it was super nice, but not something we could do all the time, lol.)

This was the awesomest find evah, also at Goodwill. For $1.99 I got this Discovery butterfly kit, and it came with a postcard to mail in to get your live caterpillars. Now, the package was from 1994 so I really had low hopes that it would work, but guess what? Our caterpillars came just before the boys went on spring break, so we've been watching the them grow.

Now I head for the couch, to rest and maybe catch up on some reading. Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon!


  1. Oh, I would love to have one of those butterfly kits! That is too cool that you found one for $1.99! They probably donated it thinking they couldn't get the caterpillars anymore!

    And actually, there isn't a misprint on the mug. Jonathan Adler is the designer. But I think I would have thought that it was a misprint if I saw it, too! Something just rang a bell! There is some cool stuff on www.jonathanadler.com.

  2. My kids want one of those butterfly kits too- I just keep telling them we will enjoy the ones that come "naturally" in the summer!

    Sending in the card from 1994 reminds me of those cards you find in vintage magazines- send 1 penny for such and such a product- I always wanted to try it and see if I got anything back! ;)

  3. OMG Sheryl, they are selling for like $35 a piece on ebay, lol. That's even better!

  4. I should add that the mug was brand new with the tags still on...they had about 6 or 7 of them.