Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifted Thursday: Baby Come Back...

This is a sweet little bowl I found at a resale shop for $2. I sat on it all last fall, and in a flurry of selling in January, resold it for $18 or so.

Then I started thinking about it. About how beautiful it was. How it will totally go with our planned decor changes here in the house (we're putting in wood floors and painting everything white for a Scandinavian look.) I realized I had made a mistake.

I waited patiently until I found the very same bowl for sale at a reasonable price on Etsy. Finally found one from Nesstiques and only suffered a net loss of $1.40 to get my bowl back.

One thing I'm feeling a little glad about is that I've put the brakes on buying objects just to resell. I think it was encouraging me to buy lots more than I needed, and to give in to my impulses which if left unchecked will lead me straight to a future episode of "Hoarders." I've pretty much decided to be choosier about the things I buy in the future, which means spending some time and thought before bringing something home.

(from Ebay)

I'm also realizing that if I want a certain thing, it might actually benefit me to buy from one of my awesome fellow vendors on Etsy, rather than spending endless hours haunting the thrifts, buying a bunch of things I don't need, in search of the one thing I wanted. For example, I've always wanted a set of these nesting dolls, but never see these things in the thrifts around here. I figure by spending the $10 on my dolls, I probably saved the $50 I would have spent on one day at the thrift stores.

It's been liberating keeping out of them. I imagine my favorite Goodwill longingly singing "Baby Come Back" as I drive by in my car. I will always use second hand shops as resources for the things we need, but maybe spend a little more time and thought on the things I want. That is real thrift.

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  1. So glad you found your bowl again and I am super excited for your upcoming decor changes. :) I have nesting dolls out the wazoo- I would have sent you some!