Friday, March 4, 2011

Trade me up week one

Trying something new! I am inspired by Apron Thrift Girl to join her Trade Me Up project. Basically it is inspired by the guy who traded one red paperclip, and through a series of trades, ended up with a house.

The way it works is simple. I'll be listing a few things I'm interested in trading. If you like something, make me an offer. Don't limit yourself to my wishlist or "dream list" but do be sure to check it. Anything you have to offer may help me work my way up and vice versa!

Here are Apron Thrift Girl's Guidelines:

  • Get creative and think outside the box about what you are offering.
  • Trade Up means offering something of higher value to the person that you are trading with.
  • Once you make an offer please don't retract it. Honor your commitment.
  • Follow through with your offer and send it off quickly in the mail.
  • Try not to take it personal if the person you want to trade with says "no thanks."


Pictured assortment of creative books and magazines.

Retro wingtip pumps, brown, size 7 1/2 M. Only worn once owing to my inability to put them in an outfit that goes. Your luck might be better!

Set of Asian stampers for crafting. (Sorry about the wax spilled on the box.)

Box of art supplies which includes 5 canvases, all the acrylic paint that you see (about half are never used,) nice watercolor set, used once, and a large set of pastels, also used only a few times.

Vintage Pin-the-tail-in-the-Donkey game.

Pretty set of four vintage bottles.


-A vintage 60's sunburst clock

-A pink peony bush

-Fiesta Ware, old or new, mainly plates, salad plates and soup bowls, in red, turquoise or lime green.

-A nice, working pressure canner.

-A truckload of mulch delivered to my driveway.

-A weekend for two at a B&B or country inn somewhere in Ohio.

-An original piece of modern artwork.

-a modern dining room light fixture

---A beautiful, retro enamel bowl like this one that I sold not long ago, or similar:


-Wood flooring for my downstairs
-Built in bookshelves for my family room
-A trip for four to Austria so the kids can meet their relatives
-A heavy bag, stand and boxing gloves
-A drum kit for my son
-An electric piano for my other son
-A Les Paul sunburst guitar for my husband
-Pergola, awning or similar partial enclosure for my deck
-5 acre lot or farm near my area (west-central Ohio)
-A lighthouse for us to restore and retire in :-)


  1. Ooh, love the shoes! They are exactly my style! I am going to see if I have anything you might like in exchange or see if I can trade around to find your wishlist items!!. :)

  2. I follow Apron Thrift Girl for the fun of it and wasn't intending to play, but you have some really nice items. I'll have to think about this!

    Here's wishing all your dreams come true. @>----

  3. I have my eye on the Asian stamps, a collage book and of course covet youra rt supplies. I am going through my things later today (after I take care of family first) and will see what I have to offer. I have a smaller enamel bowl but it is not perfect (small chip) and just passed on a drum kit! I'm going to read your list again and then we'll be in touch.