Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcoming spring, with diorama and drama

We welcomed the meteorological first day of spring today (why not?) by making a new diorama to replace the winter scene Nathan and I made together.

I love doing things like this with Nathan, because like me he is very tactile. He is often reluctant to paint or draw because his older brother's art is so fantastic it makes him self conscious. He doesn't understand that big brother didn't always draw like that.

Also like me, Nathan likes to do things where he is in charge.

So I shouldn't have been so surprised when he tried to take over my little project too. I was simply looking for Another Use for the Globes from My Sister's Wedding, when he sidled up and wanted to forcefully interject his opinions.

Screaming and pumping fists that "it needs a bird Mommy!" will only land you in time out, son. But I'm nice and won't snap pictures of you screaming to share with Blogland.

We made up and all is well. I mention all of this because sometimes when we take the time to do a project with children, we expect, that like a pretty blog post, it will be so very perfect, nurturing and blissful. Not always so. Sometimes we have to jump right back into the routine of the day, and now hugs and kisses and a story have soothed the temporary hurts. He'll remember the time we spent, not the time out nor the angry words.

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