Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We are currently embarking on arguably the biggest remodeling task we've done in our house to date. Step one is a big declutter fest (which will necessitate Chipotle for dinner.) Step two will involve spackling and paint. Step three will involve flooring. And I mean the whole downstairs. I will save the details for the big reveal in about two weeks!

Our basic goals are to create more usable space, eliminate 80% of the clutter, both physical and visual, create more storage and display space, and in general make the whole downstairs easier to clean and maintain. We feel it is important for us as a family to have open spaces and to move into a more minimalist mode. I often feel a bit guilty with how overwhelmed my children can become when we let their possessions get out of control. It appears we are at the helm of this ship and they will most likely follow along with the trends we set. I don't advocate rigidity with regard to household chores, but I do believe, deeply, that creating a sense of order in the home contributes to the overall well being of the child. Digging for your brand new markers that you just got for Christmas so you can draw a picture, only to give up after an hour's search is a disheartening prospect for kid and grownup alike.

But first messes must be made! I am thrilled we're finally doing this after six years of planning. I am a bit disappointed at never having seen my original vision for the rooms all put together at the same time, but am now kind of bored with the red walls (six years is a long time, I think. Funny that a friend out here was just commenting on them, lol!) However I am excited about our new vision! The only minor fallback is that our younger son is upset---he doesn't like things to change. I think we have him on board, and we even let him pick the flooring. He did great, and you will see that in two weeks! Wish us luck!


  1. cant wait to see the process!!!!

  2. Good Luck!! I have no doubt it will turn out GREAT!! :)