Friday, April 1, 2011

My birthday was good

Despite the admonishment of many of my facebook friends to have an "amazing" birthday, I'd say my birthday was good. Simple goodness is highly underrated, I think. There are things that are not mindblowing but truly good. Like picking whatever you want from the counter at Panera bread to go with your cappucino. Playing "connect the fours" with the boys. Or your husband not only getting your favorite perfume, a good book and a fairly obscure CD you've been wanting, but also bringing home cupcakes from your favorite bakery and ordering your favorite pizza for dinner. Him getting the kids ready for bed so you can relax and sip a glass of red wine. For birthdays or any day, I aspire to finding goodness.


  1. Oh this really calmed me. Thank you for celebrating your birthday this way and enjoying the goodness of it. Well, I suppose what I really mean to say is, I'm glad these things gave you joy. Especially the connect 4. No especially the panera. Well I have to put in a vote for the cupcakes. But what I really want to say is your walls are the perfect color.

  2. Sounds wonderful. Happy Birthday!