Sunday, April 10, 2011


So far, so good. We got the painting all done in less than two days, which included two rooms and the hall and entryway. The color we used is called "Nurture" by Behr, and I just love it. I wanted white, but the husband wanted some kind of color, so this is the happy middle ground. The contractor came out this morning to go over things with us about the work he's doing, starting a week from tomorrow. Later today we buy our flooring and supplies for a couple of the other projects the contractor is doing for us.

For the remainder of the week it life will be all about dejunking! We've been doing this as we go, but now we need to speed up the process, as our entire downstairs flooring is getting done. I'd like to see 6-8 bags of clutter go out the door this week, so wish me luck!

One last note: the husband basically wanted the boys to go into another room and leave us alone while painting. But when they expressed an interest in helping, I said put on some holey jeans and an old tee shirt and grab a brush! They both did a good job, and actually helped us move along nicely. Plus they get the added good feelings of being part of the team around here. Moral: let the kids help! They want to, and it's good for them!

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