Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scenes from the preschool art show

(Our proud little artist)

This has been a truly busy week! Last night we had a lot of family fun visiting Nathan's preschool art show. We were wowed not only by the kids' artwork, but by the creativity and originality of the teachers. First of all, this was a fundraiser with a silent auction, and they had a local high school jazz band. It all worked to set the scene of a "real" art show. Each classroom was a gallery with a theme. Some, like our teacher, picked a specific artist like Eric Carle. One teacher had her classroom set up to look like a Native American scene: the kids had painted designs onto burlap to look like blankets, and they were arranged around a "fire" and surrounded by various projects of woodland creatures. Another room was an aquarium, draped in blue fabric and full of fish and sea life art projects. There was color and beauty at every turn, reminding us that every child is indeed an artist.

Also it reminded me that I will only have a child in this sacred place for a scant two more months. These teachers, these amazing women, have been among my best parenting mentors. Most of my childrens' preschool teachers were parents who loved our preschool so much that they decided to become teachers after their own kids started school full time. Most of them have upwards of ten years at this school, and several have passed their 30 year mark! I'm not one to go around all the time talking about how "blessed" I am, but in this regard we are so blessed to have been able to have our children in this program, and I will very much miss it.

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  1. How sweet is this post! What a great way to document this time in your life!