Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking a bit of a break

Got this goody in the mail yesterday...was a beautifully wrapped group of notebooks ordered from one of my favorite bloggers, Dottie Angel. A nice surprise on a very rainy day. Grateful for the break in the mad dejunking of the house before the entire downstairs floor gets torn up next week, I cuddled on the couch with my notebooks, dreaming of what I would use them for, and fell dead asleep. I realized something: dang, I'm tired! So I'll be trying to get some more rest between now and Monday.

In other news, a favorite blogger of mine, Liz Owen, had her sweet baby girl this week! Congrats to her! I don't know how much blogging she will be doing in the coming weeks/months, but for a very worthwhile read, check her out at Mabel's House. You've gotta love anyone who calls herself an Erma Bombeck fan, right?

So, I'll probably talk to you all on the flip side of the week...ciao!


  1. I heart Erma! She was a bit like a surrogate mother growing up!! Best of luck with the house craziness- we went through that in December.

  2. Did I say surrogate mother?? I meant substitute!! Oh dear.

  3. Sleep a LOT!!!!! Thanks for the blog references, they are awesome. Love the music on yours.

  4. We will be going through house crazy soon. We let a lot go when I was pregnant with the twins and then their first year. Now everything is shabby or broken!

    I love those notebooks!