Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're Growing Things Here





Flowers and herbs


Enjoying the first things of spring around here. Trying to lift my spirits a bit. First, there is this rain, is keeps on coming. The daily forecast is a percentage of rain...but they are expecting a dry Friday and Saturday,so that's great! Also the work downstairs continues. I'm keeping focused on the fact that this is the most remodeling we will probably ever do in this house, and when it's done it will be great. Finally, we learned yesterday that a so-called church that I will neither link nor mention by name (you've heard of them protesting soldiers, homosexuals and everything else on the news most likely) will be coming to a high school in my town. I'm not real clear what what they are protesting, but I am so saddened by it. Our children need rich soil to grow--- love and care, not hatred.

On an up note, thanks to all the new blog friends who've stopped by lately. I'm loving seeing so much nice photography, sharing your experiences, and having the chance to chat with positive people! Thank you!


  1. I love all the color in your gardens. We have had a lot of rain/snow here and it gets tiring. So sorry to hear about that church coming to your town. I agree with you completely our children need to uplifted and loved!

  2. Your garden and all of your flowers are beautiful! We're in Florida, so we had an early spring - but the downside is that it's already in the 90's and hot and steamy. Your pictures look so cool and peaceful and fragrant!

    I'm so sorry to hear about that "church" coming to your town...I truly do not understand what drives those people. What a difficult thing to have to try to explain to children.