Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beginning "The Artist's Way"

With a group of blogger friends I've just "met" I am reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I began my journey by picking up a special little journal to document things.

It is an upcycled vintage book from Beagletique. I just loved it, especially the color! It is just for me to chronicle the things I am doing and working on and thinking about. My morning pages are in my regular journal, which I've kept for years. Writing in the morning is easy and a natural way for me to start my day. Plus with both kids at school at least for part of the day I am on my own. (I don't know what I'll do this summer...I'll get to that bridge when I get to it.)

An entry about a recent trip to the museum. Cameron suggests you take yourself out on "artist dates" to fill the creative well. I bought this postcard from the gift shop that day: a photo of a work called Captain's Paradise, 1971, by Helen Frankenthaler. To decipher my scrawl, we were on a school field trip, sophomore year. My friend Gretchen sees this painting and loudly, sarcastically says "I could do that!" The docent turns and says, icily, "but you didn't." Compared to my trip with my excited to be there and so excited to create. How much changes in ten short years. Also a point Cameron makes is how audacity is primarily what separates artists from those who wish they were.

My second artist's outing was today...I called it a speed date. A simple trip to the dollar store can really generate a lot of feelings.

I am finally starting to read and work through this book. Cannot wait to see what my cohorts are up to!

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